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    Towards the end of his life, Hahnemann explained the origin and nature of acute and chronic diseases, and the underlying factors hindering their cure.

    The word “Miasm”, is of the Greek origin meaning “defilement”, “taint” or “contamination.” According to the Oxford English Dictionary it means infection or noxious exhalation from putrid organic matter, or poisonous articles or germs floating in and polluting the atmosphere.”

    What Hahnernann was using was part of eighteenth century medical terminology, but in a different tone, to denote an inherited ‘susceptibility’. The miasm therefore represents an underlying cause, a state of indisposition to develop various symptom syndromes.

    The basic or fundamental cause (etiology) to fall sick is a hereditary defect which the human race has harboured since time immemoriable. This defect according to homeopaths is known as ‘psoric miasm”. It should be understood as ‘essential’ or ‘primary’ or ‘idiopathic’ in the modern day etiology.

    Secondary causes are those which are acquired congenitally or acquired at a later stage. These are identified in’ the homeopathic terminology as “sycosis” and “syphilis” miasms.


    A. Primary: (Essential) Psoric Miasm
    Essentially, it is the host factor, which is hereditary. It makes the host susceptible to diseases. It is also known as “fundamental cause”.

    Psoric diseases are recognized by their peculiar presentation. The over-all prognosis is good in such cases.

    Recognition of disease caused by “psoric miasmatic background” helps in suitable drug intervention planning, and to achieve .cure they need intercurrent “psoric medication”.

    B. Secondary: Acquired Miasmatic traits
    These get implanted on the genome of the host and make them vulnerable to distinctly characteristic disease manifestations.
    Diseases, which occur due to these miasmatic, backgrounds, have a distinctly peculiar presentation, course and prognosis.
    a. Sycotic Miasm
    Congenital sycotic state is. encountered if there is a family history of gonorrhea.

    The sycotic miasm may be acquired if there is a past history of gonorrhea which has received and suppress the treatment.

    b. Syphilis Miasms
    Congenital syphilitic state is encountered if there is a family history of syphilis.
    It may be acquired when there js a past history of syphilis and which has received suppress the treatment.

    When there is no perceptible disease, the “miasm” (the trait) is

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    said to bein the latent/pre-clinical phase. In the presence of sujtable (modifiable or non-modifiable) stress these are activated. Activation (called flare) result j a primary presentation of miasm, which most of the time is sub-cljnical (chronic diseases). clinically perceptible disease process, constitute the early secondary state of symptom syndrome. When these are not treated judiciously at this stage, it progresses to present a full-blown symptom compléx the laté secondary clinical stage. The djsease then progresses to manifest complications of that disorder and is in the tertiary stage (it is clinically, a terminal presentation) of that particular symptom syndrome.

    The main symptom syndrome (miasm) groups are:
    1. Psora.
    2. Sycosis.
    3. Syphilis.

    The Psora is derived from the Hebrew word tsort, signifying ‘venom’ or ‘malignancy’, ‘fault’ or ‘a groove’. In Greek, it is translated as “Psora= Cutaneous disease and itch”
    Itch signifies restless desire or unpleasant feeling or change. Which can be physical, psychological, social, spiritual and environmental. These features sensitize the psorc state and it flares up from the latent stage as follows:

    It is the fundamental essential/primary dyscrasia with which we all are born. It manifests in the form of susceptibility. Psora is a condition of system that enables it to develop a disease with its entire pathology at the functional level; no structural changes take place, which can be reversed, especially primary and early secondary stages, of its presentation. Some pathological changes, which are persistent in the late and terminal stages, become irreversible (i.e., vitamin deficiency; early stage is reversible, late changes are irreversible). It does not include occupational, deficiency, medicinal, unhygienic disturbances produced by their own peculiar causes.

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