• Psora

    The Psoric Syndrome

    The preclinical (Latent) stage of psora.

    The Causation
    Psora; it has been designated as “fundamental cause”. It is passed on hereditarily.
    The Constitution
    Physical makeup
    – Ectomorphic; lean lanky.
    – Dark, in rigid fibers.
    – Dirty looking.
    – Plethoric stoop shouldered posture.
    – Coarse, lusterless hairs.
    – Dry scaly skin.
    – Lives life at an intellectual level.
    – Hypersensitive, intelligent, anxious, irritable, with poor concentration.
    – Anticipation, alternating mood.
    – Mentally alert, quick and active in their motions.
    – Heights.
    – Failure in business.
    – Ghosts.
    – Food at odd hours.
    – Craves sweets, fatty, spicy food.
    – Sour things; lemons, pickles.
    – Raw food i.e., salad.
    – Alcohol.
    – Thirstiessness or increased thirst.
    Dislikes and food aggravates
    – Eggs and milk.
    – Hot drinks.
    – Insomnia or can sleep any time.
    – Perspiration excessive in winters also.
    – Perspiration in hot weather
    – Burning pains. .
    Side affinity
    – Right sided.
    Physical Generals
    – In fresh air, dry warm air.
    – From physfcal exertion. .
    – Lying on the right sjde.
    – In stuffy room
    – In a hot bed.
    – From, washing. .
    – From prolonged standing.
    – Around 11 am.

    The Primary Psoric State

    The primary (flare up) presentation:

    The Precipitation
    Ageing and environmental stress, and life style habits are recognised not only as exciting/precipitating factors but also as maintaining factors. Suppression of; emotions, excitement desire, sorrow, grief, fear and other normal natural discharges; sweat, urine, stool, abstjnence of sexual desire he can also act as precipitation factors.

    The Symptom Syndrome
    A flare up of psora presents as itch, on the skin. The central nervous system and skin, both develop from the ectoderm’ and bare intimately related. When we touch the skin, we are indirectly irritating the brain. Therefore mental irritation is born on the skin primarily. Apart from this, the gastro-intestinal tract which happens to be the largest in human beings also richly supplied by the autonomie nervous system. Thereby anything whjch disturbs the minds djsturbs the functioning of gastro-intestinal tract. Psoric patients suffer from hypermotility, and morning diarrhoea is one of the main features of primary psoric manifestation. If treated homeopathically ït will be put to natural remission. When treated with the local ointments and suppressive modes of treatment it subsequently subsides but leads to the secondary presentation of suppressed psora.
    The psoric skin lesions include:
    – Eruptions.
    – Macular, papular, vesjcular.
    – Itching. .
    – Voluptuous, agg; stress, strain, night, periodically.
    – Discharge.
    – Thin non-offensive, non-stinging.
    – Dry and scaling.

    The secondary Psoric State

    The Secondary (minor/full blown) presentation:
    The Causation .
    – Lifestyle.
    – Sustained stress.
    – Suppression of primary manifestatious or progression of primary manifestations of Psora.

    The Symptom syndrome
    – Chronic diarrhoea, constipation, hard stool.
    – Polyuria.
    – Menorrhagia, amenorrhea.
    – Palpitation, flushes of heat.
    . Numbness, burning j palms and sole.
    . Excessive discharges, suppurations.
    – Dry mucous membrane.
    – Standing.
    – Exertion.
    – Morning.
    – New moon.
    – Before menses.
    – Odors.
    – Touch.
    – Lying
    – Local heat (for pains).
    – Free eljminatjon
    – Urine, stool. .
    – Return of skin eruptions.
    Presentation are as;
    The symptom syndrome (the functjonai presentation is the hallmark which is reversible in nature to a great extend) Neurodermatitis, Lichen Planus Chronicus, vitamin deficiency states, anxiety neurosis, neurasthenia, cardiac neurosis, burning feet syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, simple schizophrenia.

    All deficiency disorders are due to psora. In the secondary stage these are totally reversible, The Terminal Psoric State (Major Presentation)

    The Causation
    Progression or suppression of secondary manifestations of psora.

    The Presentation

    The symptom syndrome (The hallmark is that the secondary presentation is now associated with irreversible organopathic changes).

    Irreversible changes are more in the field of self-neglect, leading to multiple nutritional deficiency states and their complications. It also makes them vulnerable to other affections easily.

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