It is acquired (secondary) dyscrasia in essence. The pure observation is based on gonococcal infection of pelvic visceras. A group of symptoms underlying the acute and sub acute inflammatory conditions represents its miasmatic traits. It has pathological changes which are not reversible leaving apart the early primary changes which are reversible. This miasm predominantly presents itself by tissue hyperplasia/overgrowths and connective tissue disorders.

    The pre-clinical markers (latent stage of sycosis)
    The causation
    Family history or past history of specific (gonorrhea) or non specific urinary tract infection or other markers of Sycotic miasmatic dyscrasia.

    The constitution
    (When hereditary, or acquired, the constitution is not markedly so specific)

    Physical make up
    – The endomorphic somatotype.
    – Pendulous abdomen, heavy breasts, triple chins, piano legs.
    – Pale greasy, wax like skin.
    – Weak nails.

    – Very sensitive, paranoid that others are trying to manipulate them.
    – Mean, suspicious, jealous, self-condeinnation.
    – Irritable.
    – Nervouš tension.
    – Fixed ideas.
    – Malicious.

    Of being touched.

    – Fat meals, well-seasoned foods with salt and pepper.
    – Craves for alcohol and bear.
    – Cold or hot foods.
    – Meat and milk.
    – Intolerance to spices.
    – Wine aggravates.

    Food Aggravation
    – Tea.
    – Coffee.
    – Beer.
    – Sweets.
    – Tobacco.
    – Fat meat.
    – Onions.

    – Disturbed.

    – Peculiar sweat; oil, sweetish, fetid.
    – Profusesweat only on uncovered parts.

    – Tearing and colicky in nature.

    Side affinity
    – Left sided.

    General Modalities
    – From cold and damp, rainy weather, during thunderstorm. .
    – on the left side.
    – at twilight.
    – From rest.
    – From movement.
    – Dry atmosphere.
    – Any unnatural discharge.
    – Lying on stomach with pressure.
    – Return of suppressed normal discharges. (i.e., menses).
    – Colic by bending double.

    The Primary Sycotic state
    (Flare up) Markers
    a. The Precipitating Cause
    When Hereditary: VACCINATIONS (in early childhood); sensitized to sycotic miasm in INFANCY. Suppression of pathological discharges.
    b. When Acquired .
    Acquired by pecific gonorrheal or non specific urinary tract infections, treated with the suppressive mode of therapeutics.

    The Symptom syndrome

    Flare up of sycosis presents as warts on skin, corns, lichenification, moles, growths.
    The skin lesions include
    – Discharge; thick, greenish, fishy odor.
    – Skin thickened over-growth;
    – Spreads from one place to another.
    – Healing is slow.} else {

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