Fever (Pyrexia)

A fever is a brief increment in your body temperature, frequently because of an ailment. Having a fever is a sign that something strange is going ahead in your body. For a grown-up, a fever may be uncomfortable, however generally isn’t a reason for concern unless it achieves 103° F (39.4° C) or higher. For […]

Homoeopathic Medicine of Typhoid Fever

Typhoid Fever Prophylactic – Typhoidinum: Isopathic specific. Also suitable after the typhoid when recovery comes to standstill, it brings out the suitable reaction.   First week Gelsemium: Mostly indicated in the first week, and especially in comparatively mild cases. Onset is insidious. Feels, sore bruised all over, as if pounded, headache, drowsiness and red face. […]


(Enteric Fever) Synonyms: Enteric Fever, Ileotyphus. The Typhus Abdominalis of the Germans. DEFINITION An acute intestinal infection caused by Salmonella typhi characterized by insidious onset of fever, intense headache with relative bradycardia, rose colored eruptions, abdominal discomfort and splenomegaly. ETIOLOGY (Cases of Typhoid Fever) Distribution –   Worldwide Season: –   Summer artumn Causative organism: –   Salmonella […]


(Leishmaniasis) DEFINITION It  is a Protozoal infection caused by leishmania donovani and Characterised by Chronic irregular fever pigmentation orogressive wasting hepato splenomegaly, anaemia and leucopenia.     CLINCIAL FEATURES Symptoms Onset : insidious. ETIOLOGY (Causes) Distribution –   Endemic in India, China Africa Causative organism –  Leishmania donovani Transmission –  Bite of femaie sandfil (phlebotomus argentipes) Incubation period –  4-10 […]


(Dengue is derived from a Spanish word meaning dandy, so named because patient affected with dengue have such a peculiar walk) DEFINITION Acute viral infection transmitted by aedes Aegypti mosquito, characterized by saddle back high fever, intense, headache, bodyache, rash, generalized lymphadenopathy and hemorrhages.   CLINICAL FEATURES Dengue (break bone) fever Symptoms: Onset: Abrupt. Fever: […]

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