Synonym: Bronchial Catarrh. Definition: Acute bronchitis is an Acute inflammation of mucous membrane of bronchial tubes characterized by fever, purulent expectoration and loud rhonchi. CLINICAL FEATURES Symptoms Onset acute. Fever. Cough Expectoration Initially Scanty, Difficult, Mucoid. Later on • Copious. • Easy. • Muco-purulent. Soreness . Behind sternum. . Worse coughing. – Tightness of chest. […]


(Latin, Influence, thought to be due to the stars.) Synonyms: Russian Fever. La Grippe of the. French, so nicknamed on account of the severe hold it takes of the victim. Definition: Influenza is an acute infectious viral disease, characterized by fever, severe body-ache, coryza, sore throat and severe prostration. Historical Note: True influenza is a […]