It is acquired (secondary) dyscrasia in essence. The pure observation is based on gonococcal infection of pelvic visceras. A group of symptoms underlying the acute and sub acute inflammatory conditions represents its miasmatic traits. It has pathological changes which are not reversible leaving apart the early primary changes which are reversible. This miasm predominantly presents […]


The Psoric Syndrome The preclinical (Latent) stage of psora. The Causation Psora; it has been designated as “fundamental cause”. It is passed on hereditarily. The Constitution Physical makeup – Ectomorphic; lean lanky. – Dark, in rigid fibers. – Dirty looking. – Plethoric stoop shouldered posture. – Coarse, lusterless hairs. – Dry scaly skin. Temperament – […]


INTRODUCTION Towards the end of his life, Hahnemann explained the origin and nature of acute and chronic diseases, and the underlying factors hindering their cure. The word “Miasm”, is of the Greek origin meaning “defilement”, “taint” or “contamination.” According to the Oxford English Dictionary it means infection or noxious exhalation from putrid organic matter, or […]